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a language difficult to master, a leaning tower about 180 feet high

2)表语形容词(afraidalikealoneasleepawakealive等)作定语,定语后置。如a man alive。有些表身体健康状况的形容词如wellfaintill只作表语。sick既可作表语又可作定语,ill如作定语意为“bad”。


I have something important to tell you.




We had a good time together outdoors last Sunday.



The person there is waiting for you.

9)几个并列的形容词作定语,其语序通常为:限定语(TheA+ 描绘性形容词 + size(大小)+ shape(形状)+ age(年龄、时间)+ color(颜色)+ origin(国籍、来源)+ material(材料)+ purpose(目的)+ 名词。如:

a heavy black Chinese steel umbrella,

the man’s first tow interesting little red French oil paintings




deep         wide宽广        high        low位置低

deeply深入地   widely广泛地    highly高度地    lowly地位卑微


dead完全,绝对be dead asleep     

deadly非常be deadly tired  

pretty相当be pretty certain that…      

prettily漂亮地be prettily dressed

closeDon’t sit close.        

closely密切地Watch closely!

late晚、迟arrive late, come late

lately最近I haven’t seen him lately(recently).


1)形容词 + 名词 + ed


(2)形容词 + 形容词


3)形容词 + 现在分词


4)副词 + 现在分词


5)副词 + 过去分词


6)名词 + 形容词


7)名词 + 现在分词


8)名词 + 过去分词


9)数词 + 名词 + ed

four-storeyed 4层楼的,three-legged 3条腿的

10)数词 + 名词(名词用单数)

ten-year 10年的,two-man两人的




用法:表示双方在程度、性质、特征等某方面相等时,用“as + 原级形容词/副词 + as”的结构;表示双方不相等时,用“not so(as) + 原级形容词/副词 + as”的结构;表示一方是另一方的若干倍时,用“倍数 + as + 原级形容词/副词 + as”的结构。如:

Xiao Wang is as tall as Xiao Yu.

This building looks not so (as)high as that one.

Miss Xu speaks English as fluently as you .

This room is three times as large as that one.




①对方比较,表示一方超过另一方时,用“比较级 + than”的结构表示。如:

This picture is more beautiful than that one.

②表示一方不及另一方时,用“less + 原级 + than”的结构表示。如:

This room is less beautiful than that one.

③表示一方超过另一方的程度或数量时,可在比较级前加表示程度的状语,如evena lota bita littlestillmuchfaryetby far等修饰。如:

He works even harder than before.


She is better than she was yesterday

Please come earlier tomorrow.

另注意:by far通常用于强调最高级。用于比较级时,一般放在比较级的后面,如在前面,应在二者中间加“the”。如:

He is taller by far than his brother.

He is by far the taller of the two brothers.

④表示一方随另一方的程度而变化时,用“the + 比较级(主语 + 谓语),the + 比较级(主语 + 谓语)”的结构(意为“越……越……”)。如:

The harder he works, the happier he feels.

⑤不与其他事物相比,表示本身程度的改变时,用“比较级 + and + 比较级”的结构。如:

The weather is getting colder and colder.

The girl becomes more and more beautiful.


He is superior to Mr. Zhang in chemistry.


The book on the table is more interesting than that(the one)on the desk.

A box made of steel is stronger than one made of wood.

⑧倍数表达法。(AA is three(four, etc.)times the size(height, length etc.)of B. 这座新楼是那座旧楼的四倍大(高)。The new bui9lding is four times the size(the height)of the old one.这座新楼比那座旧楼大三倍(高三倍)。(BA is three(four, etc.)times as big(high, long, etc.)as B.  Asia is four times as large as Europe.亚洲比欧洲大三倍。(CA is three (four, etc.)times bigger(higher, longer, etc.)than B.  Your school is three times bigger than ours.你们的beplay体育比大家的beplay体育大三倍。用times 表倍数通常用于三倍以上,两倍可以用twicedouble.


①三者或三者以上相比,表示最高程度时,用“the + 最高级”的结构表示。这种句式一般常有表示比较范围的介词短语。如:

Zhang Hua is the tallest of the three.

He works(the)hardest in his class.

②最高级可被序数词以及muchby farnearlyalmost by no meansnot quitenot reallynothing like等词语所修饰。如:

This hat is by far / much / nearly / almost / not nearly / by no means / not quite / nothing like the biggest.

How much did the  second  most expensive hat cost?



He is the tallest (boy) in his class.


Of all the boys he came (the) earliest.



He is a most clever young policeman.(a most=very)

The film is most interesting.(most=very)


who is the older of the tow boys?

④在“the + 比较级…,the + 比较级…”结构中。


⑥有些形容词前加the 成为名词。如the poorthe rich 等。

6)由as / so组成的形容词或副词短语。

     as much as + 不可数名词数量。

Each stone weighs as much as fifteen tons.

She could earn as much as ten dollars a week.

as many as + 可数名词数量  多达

I have as a many as sixteen reference books.

as early as早在

As early as the twelfth century the English began to invade the island.

as far as远到;就……而知(论)

We might go as far as (走到)the church and back.

As far as I know(就我所知),he has been there before.

may (might, could)as well不妨、不如

Then you might as well stay with us here.

as … as can be到了最……的程度,极其

They are as unreliable as they can be.他们极其不可信。

as … as one can

He began to run, as fast as he could.

as … as possible

Just get them to finish up as quickly as possible.


very much的区别。(A)可分等级的形容词和副词前使用very不用much(B)表示状态的过去分词前用verya very frightened boy, a very tired child, a very complicated problem, 一般的情况下,以-ing-ed结尾的分词多用muchvery much / greatly等修饰。如:We were greatly shocked by the news about Tom. I was much amused by Jack’s attitude(C)已转化为形容词的现在分词前用very。如:very interesting / worrying / exciting。(Dtoo前用muchfar,不用veryYou are much / far / a lot too nice.另外,在too many / much, too few / little前用far There’s far too little opportunity for adventure these days. We’ve got far too many eggs and far too few egg cups.E)关于原级形容词要记住下列固定的修饰结构:(a)修饰绝对意义的形容词,一般不用very,而用quite completelywellentirely。如:quite wrong(mistaken, sure)completely deadquite impossiblequite perfect等。(b)修饰以a-开头的形容词,多有特殊的修饰词:quite alone, very much alone, wide awake, fast asleep, very much afraid(c)修饰一些特殊形容词的修饰语有:be well worth, much the same, freezing cold, quite different, terribly cold / frightening

so … that … such … that … 的区别。

so +  形容词 / 副词 +  that …

so + 形容词 + an+ 单数可数名词 + that …

so + many / much / little / few + 名词 + that …

such + a(n)+ 形容词+单数可数名词 + that …

such + 形容词 + 不可数名词 + that …

such + 形容词 + 复数名词 + that …

注意:下列结构中只能用so不可用such,当名词前有manymuchlittlefew等表示“多、少”的词修饰时,如 so much progressso many peopleso little foodso few apples等。但当little表示“小”时用such。如:These are such little boys that they can’t dress themselves.下列so的用法是错误的:so a difficult problem, so difficult problems, so hot weather

③其他几组词的辨析。(Aagobefore: ago表示以现在为起点的“以前”;before指以过去或将来的某时刻为起点的“以前”。泛指“以前”用before而不用ago。(Balreadyyetstill: already表示某事已经发生;yet表示期待某事发生;still表示某事还在进行,主要用于肯定句。




1. It is generally believed that teaching is ___________it is a science.

A.  an art much as                 B. much an art as

C. as an art much as               D. as much an art as

解析:答案为D。本题可从考查形容词的同级比较点入手。在同级比较as…as句式中,如果as后面的形容词作定语且其所修饰的名词前有不定冠词时,该冠词须置于形容词之后,即形成“as + 形容词 + a / an + 单数可数名词 + as”结构。这道题在名词专题中也有解析,不同的是观察视角不同,应注意培养发散思维。

2. It is always difficult being in a foreign country, __________if you don’t speak the language. A.  extremely       B. naturally       C. basically       D. especially


3. Professor White has written some short stories, but he is ______known for his plays.

A.  the best         B. more         C. better         D. the most

解析:答案为C。本题考查副词的比较级和最高级。要把握句式之间的联系,抓住句子的隐藏信息,结合语境进行分析。根据句意,句中but后应有一词组be well known for…。同时,应注意到前后两个分句把professor White的短篇小说和戏剧进行了对比,故应用well的比较级。

4.I must be getting fatI can         do my trousers up.

A.  fairly        B.  hardly        C.  nearly      D.  seldom

解析:答案为D。本题考副词,且继续使用了破折号,对前句说明说明。句中的“do up”指“系上、扣上、包扎上”等意,故全句合理的意思是:我几乎系不上裤子了,(因此)我一定在发胖。Bhardly是“几乎不”的意思,正合题意。

5. The        house smells as if it hasn’t been lived in for years.

A.  little white wooden            B.  little wooden white

C.  white wooden little            D.  wooden white little

解析:答案为A。本题考名词前置定事的排序。多个词同时作前置定语时,排列规律一般是:代词性定语+/指示/物主/所有格+数词(先序后基)+形容词+国籍/材料/用途形容词或名词或动名词+被修饰的名词,其中数个形容词同时出现时,多用下列顺序:性质+大小+形状+新旧+颜色,有时也要看与名词的密切关系,越密切,越靠近名词。按上文所述,wooden表材料,放在最后,white 表颜色,放在little之后,故选A

6. That doesn’t sound very frightening, Paul. I’ve seen          . What did you like most about the film?

A.  better       B.  worse        C.  best        D.  worst


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